About MBA

Modern Brokers of America is deeply rooted in communities all across Texas and Florida. We make the human effort and invest money in customer acquisition efforts, e.g., advertising, promotional deals, online marketing, etc. Our excellent customer service attracts new customers; through customer acquisition, we give customer satisfaction. On the other hand, we are a combination of customer acquisition and customer retention strategies complementing each other. Growing your solar business together with you is our utmost priority.

We go out of our way and beyond to make sure our clients’ needs are fulfilled for their company and brand recognition. We do cold calling for new solar business development plans and other go-to market strategies and warm calling and referrals, which are always good and comfortable with which to deal. Also, a lot more business-like good planning, sound fundamentals, guts, transparency, and honesty have been our pillars to success.

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What’s Our Job?

At Modern Brokers of America, we help solar businesses grow and bridge the gap between the solar user and the grid or non-solar user. These systems could reduce the capital cost and capacity needs of a utility. The cost savings to the Generation, Transmission and Distribution would make solar an asset to the GRID and add some close to load power without the high line losses. We aim to increase the positive environmental benefits, economic development, and job benefits that a rooftop solar industry provides to a community. In addition, this type of solar customer provides benefits to the GRID, so the cost allocation for this class of customers would be less, and they may qualify for a more favorable electric rate.

In respect to Solar systems for commercial rooftops, there has been good work done with systems that face East and West as best they can be laid out on an existing building’s roof. These systems generate more production of power KW once again during peak times and longer in the summer evening. They reduce demand usage by the solar hosting facility and thereby provide greater power bill savings as commercial customers have high demand charges. The transition to a cleaner energy future requires higher levels of collaboration amongst many different Stakeholders. More work must be done, and we need more input from the greater public so that consumer buy-in and choices are respected.


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